Saturday, 10 December 2011

don't need a BAMBOO

‘BAMBOO’ is the common word in our workplace (we call it bamboo when our boss is not in the good mode and bad things happens. but the word is from the family punishment that if you made mistake your parents will hit you with the bamboo stick !!!), every time we talk it is always the subject star in our conversation, us friends even count how many bamboo we had in a day and we just laugh after a long day of all work related mistakes that we had. Having a bamboo more often is really not healthy, but somehow i fine it very helpful in a way which is we need to focused and see things in a positive way why it happens. We are human and we made mistakes, nobody wants a bamboo while working, nobody wants to look stupid in front of your boss, nobody wants to feel sorry of what happens but we can’t do things always perfect, nobody does. The mere fact that we wanna do our job grateful but things always happens and it is always in a wrong timing when you make mistakes.

Because Bamboo is famous, that doesn’t says that I want it. I would say no one likes it. and because bamboo is the common denominator in this blog , I wanna be the ‘bamboo’ myself, literally I would say I am a bamboo, but I am not saying I am the “wrong one” or i'm always “mistake,” but I wanna be a bamboo in a positive way….

Below is my “bamboo” personality.
I am a bamboo,
I stand tall when it comes to trouble
When the storm strikes me, I dance with it
When the rain comes, I sing with it,
And if the sun shines on me I celebrate it.

I am independent, I can stand alone,
I may need your guidance but that doesn’t mean I am not strong
I can be your roof; I can be your wall
I can be your stairs; I can be your floor.

Take me with you and ill protect you,
Lean on me and I’ll give you comfort,
Embrace me and I’ll give you support

I am a bamboo and I am green,
I am green the color of nature,
The nature that gives us life,
The life that that allow us to learn and grow,
And grow tall just like the BAMBOO….


  1. Bamboo is a useful plant, it also can be used as the material of bamboo gazebo.

  2. bamboo is a great and highly flexible plant!